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Digital therapeutics made easy

What is digital health?               What are DTx?

Digital Therapeutics
digital therapeutics and covid pandemic - VR on the rise

The digital therapeutics world during COVID-19 pandemic

2020 was a though and dramatic year, in which the world had to face the COVID-19 pandemic and it’s still struggling with it, although now we have new weapons available: vaccines. However, among all the sufferings, restrictions and economic difficulties, 2020 was also characterised by a boost in digitalization. For example, remote working began the ...
dtx digital therapeutics and health economics

A digital therapy can be economically sustainable?

Efficacy/effectiveness* is not enough. As a society we can’t limit our requests to clinical benefits alone, but we have to demand sustainability of medical treatments.   Beyond effectiveness: a holistic evaluation Healthcare costs are already high and continuously increasing due to ageing populations. Thus, new treatments must prove to be cost-effective to be “better” than ...
digital tools psychology

Cognitive behavioural therapy techniques and digital therapeutics

If you got into a few of digital therapeutics, chance you saw cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) in action are pretty high. Cognitive behavioural therapy is most commonly used to treat anxiety and depression, but it can be also useful for other mental and physical health problems. Indeed, CBT techniques were also applied in a couple ...
DIgital placebo

Digital placebo: Why it matters and what makes a good one?

Traditionally a placebo is an inert substance or treatment which is not designed to have a therapeutic value. In clinical trial it serves as a control and patients usually aren’t aware if they are taking it or the experimental therapy (this condition is called blindness). Should digital medicine consider a digital placebo too? Why placebo ...

Will digital therapeutics replace drugs?

Can an app replace traditional drugs? This is the question asked, often in a sceptical way because it seems too futuristic. The brief answer is: not generally speaking but they may… replace drugs in specific situations, with selected patients’ settings reduce treatments duration or dosages act as preventing medicine 1. Replacing drugs with digital therapies ...
Better sleep with digital therapies

How an app can improve your sleep (in a scientifically proven way) 

Insomnia: an overlooked disorder Insomnia is the most common sleep disorder, affecting about 1 adult in 4, although prevalence estimates may vary according to the definition used. A simplistic definition based on DSM-5 criteria for insomnia could be: Difficulty initiating or maintaining sleep or early-morning awakening that leads to dissatisfaction with sleep quantity or quality, ...
Akili Project: EVO digital therapeutic

Can video games treat diseases?

Do you prefer a pill or playing a video game?   This may become a not so weird question you’ll heard from your doctor in the near future. Indeed, at least for children with ADHD (attention deficit and hyperactivity disorders), Akili Interactive developed and validated through randomized controlled trials a potential prescription treatment. It is ...
Safety of digital therapeutics

Are digital therapeutics really effective? Are they safe?

Effectiveness and safety of digital therapeutics are extremely important factors to be assessed. The brief answer is yes, since by definition a digital therapeutic must be evidence-based. But what define a proper evidence? And how can we be sure that a specific health claim is supported by evidence? The gold standard for evidence generation in ...