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Digital therapeutics made easy

What is digital health?               What are DTx?

Digital Therapeutics
Akili Project: EVO digital therapeutic

Can video games treat diseases?

Do you prefer a pill or playing a video game?   This may become a not so weird question you’ll heard from your doctor in the near future. Indeed, at least for children with ADHD (attention deficit and hyperactivity disorders), Akili Interactive developed and validated through randomized controlled trials a potential prescription treatment. It is ...
Safety of digital therapeutics

Are digital therapeutics really effective? Are they safe?

Effectiveness and safety of digital therapeutics are extremely important factors to be assessed. The brief answer is yes, since by definition a digital therapeutic must be evidence-based. But what define a proper evidence? And how can we be sure that a specific health claim is supported by evidence? The gold standard for evidence generation in ...
AI and digital therapeutics are stealing your job?

Will AI and digital therapeutics steal healthcare professionals’ jobs?

A pretty common concern about artificial intelligence (AI) and digital therapeutics regards job security. Are AI and DTx stealing healthcare professionals’ jobs? (Or will  steal our jobs in the near future?) The day I started writing this article I was explaining my sister what are digital therapeutics or digital health in a broader sense. We ...